Travelling With Your Dog

Travelling With Your Dog

13/05/2016 Off By Emma Gray

For the majority of dog owners their precious canine pals are one of the most important parts of their lives and a holiday with your dog can be perfect. You get a holiday and your loyal dog gets to join you (and you don’t have to worry about looking for reliable and affordable care for your trusty pal!).

I have a wonderful miniature schnauzer named Ben who I like to take away with me wherever possible – he loves new adventures! Here’s my guide to the best tips and tricks for travelling with your dog and making it a happy and rewarding experience for everyone.

Ben just loves a trip to Loch Lomond and the beach there!

Ben just loves a trip to Loch Lomond and the beach there!


Pet-Friendly Accommodation

The most important thing to look for when booking your holiday for you and your dog is to look for pet-friendly accommodation. There are lots of hotels and guesthouses that allow dogs, but many simply do not. Self-catering accommodations such as cottages, lodges and apartments are usually much more open to hosting your canine cuties than hotels so they’re always worth a look.

Pet Passports

If you’re planning on heading further afield with your dog and taking them to another country then you’ll have to get them their very own doggy passport complete with mugshot! You’ll also need to ensure all their jags and boosters are up to date and they are in healthy condition or you will be denied entry to other countries.

How's this for a mugshot? Like the bow-tie?!

How’s this for a mugshot? Like the bow-tie?!


Make Sure You Abide By The Rules

Your chosen accommodation, or places nearby, may have rules about keeping dogs on leads in certain areas etc so make sure you know what these are and abide to them. You’re in charge of your dogs behaviour!

Make The Journey Comfortable for Your Dog

Unfortunately travelling can be a bit of a traumatic experience for your dog so you should do all you can to make it as comfortable as possible for them. If you’re travelling by car then invest in a special seatbelt for your dog. I always feel a lot safer with Ben in his seatbelt. Always make sure you stop frequently to let your dog do the toilet, stretch it’s legs and get access to clean water.

Take your dogs bed or blanket so that they can be comfortable and have the some sort of familiarity with them. I always have Ben’s blanket in my car for him.

Ben loves going on new adventures!

Ben loves going on new adventures!


Home Comforts

Take some of your dogs favourite toys, take the food that they enjoy at home and take their bed or blanket with you on holiday. Your dog will feel a lot more comfortable in new surroundings if they have access to some of their favourite things.

Take the Essentials

It’s important to remember to take your dogs lead, collar, any medication they have to take, poop bags and all the other everyday essentials. Sounds silly to even say it but you’d be surprised at the things you might forget in the excitement of getting ready for your holiday!