Holidaying with your pet – it’s a walk in the park!

Holidaying with your pet – it’s a walk in the park!

15/08/2017 Off By Helen Bryson
Pet Friendly Holidays

So for those of you who’ve already heard about some of my favourite pet related travels before, you already know I’m barking mad. When I first started researching about pet friendly holidays I started learning more and more (on top of what I already knew). However having the experience behind me now I definitely have some new tips on pet friendly travel that you might not find in a simple google search…

Travelling with Pets

Plan, Plan, Plan:

Make plans as early as possible if you’re bringing your beloved furry friend on holiday with you. Some requirements of travelling with a pet need to be done in advance, such as:

  • Vaccination against rabbies
  • Pet Passport
  • Tapeworm Treatment

On top of being organised, you can also get the best pick of pet friendly offers and deals if you start early!

Bring their favourite treats!

Packing for your Pet:

When taking your pet on holiday your packing should be done well in advance. Make sure before you purchase a pet crate or carrier that it will be comfortable enough for your pet to travel in. Pack their favourite toys, food and plenty of water for them to have on the journey and during the holiday. The key to packing is making sure they are comfortable and at ease.

Get the right size pet carrier

Pet Travel Safety:

As mentioned before it is vital that your pet has all the necessary vaccinations, documentation and a pet passport before you travel. You can check the required pet travel information through the PETS Travel Scheme to keep you right. Don’t forget to make sure your pet is micro-chipped and that you have sufficient pet travel insurance cover too. Consult with your vet as to whether your pet is safe to travel or not.

Consult your Vet:

You will need to consult with your vet to get authorisation that it is okay for your pet to leave the country or just to go on holiday. After you get the all clear from your vet then consult the airline or travel company. Different airlines and travel companies will have different policies for pet travel and you should be aware of these before booking.
Booking a direct flight will be less traumatic for your pet – changing flights wouldn’t be good for their stress levels.

Keep your pet well hydrated while travelling

Pet Travel Sickness:

As hardy as we think our pets are (after eating grass, various shoes and many pieces of rubbish), they can get travel sick just like you and I. To combat your pets travel sickness try using a pheromone spray, it helps to calm the dog. I have used it on my dog Minnie many times and it does the trick. Also keeping the pet well hydrated should help.

Pet Travel Options

Pet Travel Options:

Before booking you should weigh out all your travel options to see which is most comfortable for you, but primarily your four-legged friend.

  • Plane: Can be traumatic for an animal if they aren’t well prepared. Tag your pet and the crate with information of your accommodation, their eating schedule and other requirements if you were to get separated. Make sure your dog is well exercised before the flight so they aren’t restless, that their bladders are empty and that they’ve eaten (usually 4 hours before).
  • Ferry: An option that people find more enjoyable with an animal. Most boats offer kennels on board or you can leave your dog in the car with plenty of water and the windows open for ventilation (as well as something to keep them entertained). Some boats even allow you to bring your dog on board with you. This is one of my favourite options, I’ve talked about some of my favourite destinations in my previous article, Pet Friendly Holidays – Am I Barking Mad? and how I use Brittany Ferries Pet Friendly holidays– they’ve got some of the best!
  • Car: A comfortable method for both you and your pet, if you are within driving distance. Take regular breaks from driving to let your pet roam and release some energy, pack plenty of water and some toys for entertainment. This way you can grab yourself a pet friendly cottage in the country or by the sea for weekends away with your furry friend closer to home. Bringing your pets on holiday

Although it might seem like a lot of rules and regulations for travelling with your pet but it’s just as many as we normally have to follow when not travelling with them. After you’ve gone travelling with your pet once it’s a walk in the park! Pets become part of the family so much that it’s nice to have them on holidays, but you do need to remember that they don’t adapt as well as humans and stress on animals can lead to other problems. Apart from baring that in mind, doggy (and pet) holidays are amazing!
So go on out there and enjoy the company of your four-legged friend, home or away!