American Horror Story: The Ultimate Roadtrip

American Horror Story: The Ultimate Roadtrip

21/10/2019 Off By Cait Martin

American Horror Story explores almost every spooky sect. From creepy clowns to menacing witches, lost historical colonies and spooky asylums; the show satisfies the need for horror fanatics and thrill-seekers alike.

Whether you’re looking to pay homage to some of the shows best seasons, simply want to check out featured locations or discover the inspirations behind your favourite storylines, here at tripsology we have you covered…

So, if you’re a stan of the Netflix classic, here are some AHS destinations you can check out irl! We got you.

Season One: Murder House

Picture of large red brick mansion.
Alfred Rosenheim Mansion.
Picture sourced from Atlas Obscura. Photographer: Mark Hayward

The exteriors of season one’s ‘Murder House’ is the Rosenheim Mansion in Los Angeles, California.

Built-in 1902 by German American architect Alfred Rosenheim, you and 16 friends used to be able to stay here for a night for only $1450… but unfortunately, now you’ll have to settle for taking an Instagram picture outside.

Rosenheim’s mansion has been featured in numerous TV and film productions, including ‘Alfred Hitchcock presents’, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘Bones’ and ‘Law and Order’, thus is well worth checking out!

Season Two: Asylum

Picture of red bricked courthouse. There are palm trees in front.
Old Orange County Courthouse.
Picture sourced from Photographer: Adrián Cerón

Season two’s ‘Briarcliff Asylum’ was filmed outside Santa Ana Courthouse, located on W. Santa Ana Blvd in Santa Ana, California.

With the exteriors filmed far from ‘Asylum’s New England setting, this historic Californian landmark is worth the visit and is a popular spot for wedding photos- talk about a juxtaposition!

If you’re on the East Coast and fancy visiting some of the asylum’s used as inspiration for season two, then check out the abandoned Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts and New York’s Willowbrook State School.

Season Three: Coven

Spooky picture of New Orleans mansion at night.
LaLaurie Mansion.
Picture sourced from

The LaLaurie Mansion is a popular tourist destination in New Orleans, LA and due to its dark past is featured in the majority of ghost tours. Although this destination was not used for filming, Kathy Bate’s character was based on the owner Delphine LaLaurie who tortured and murdered her slaves.

During an 1834 fire at the property, firefighters discovered the corpses of many imprisoned slaves. Madame LaLaurie disappeared after the incident and was never seen again. It is worth checking out this popular spooky tourist spot!

Picture of the Hermann Grimer and Gallier Houses. They join onto each other. The Gallier house has a mint green balony at the front and the Hermann Grimer House is red brick.
Gallier and Hermann Grimer House.
Picture sourced from Facebook.

Despite the LaLaurie mansion being an accessible spot, exterior’s of ‘Coven’s featured mansion were actually the Gallier House also located in the French Quarter. The Gallier House was built in 1857 by architect James Gallier Jr and is now a museum showcasing historical items from the 1800s.

To visit the Gallier House, click here.

A picture of a mansion nestled between trees. It has white columns and black railings.
Buckner Mansion.

This three-storey plantation style home was used as the exterior for ‘Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies’ in season three.

With Airbnb rentals situated nearby this allegedly haunted mansion, be prepared for a night of thrills if you decide to visit!

Season Four: Freak Show

Picture of large house and garden. There is a fountain in the forefront and the white mansion is nestled in the background.
Longue Vue House and Gardens.
Picture sourced from TripAdvisor.

The majority of season four was filmed at sets designed for the show however that does not mean you can’t pay homage to some of ‘Freak Show’s best. Longue Vue House and Gardens, similarly located in New Orleans, is the home of season four’s councillor witch Myrtle Snow.

Whether you want to search the grounds for killer clowns or head to Camellia Grill to see the diner where many of the ‘freaks’ ate, this New Orleans landmark is well worth a visit!

Season Five: Hotel

Picture of large multi-story building. The name 'Cecil Hotel' is on gold font in the front and American flags are mounted on the building.
Cecil Hotel.
Picture sourced from Photographer: Robyn Beck.

Cecil Hotel inspired season five’s ‘Hotel Cortez’ and with its dark and disturbing past, it’s no wonder why. Serial Killer Richard Ramirez stayed in the Cecil whilst killing innocent women.

Now a city landmark, you can stay here however it is not advised- the trip advisor reviews are terrible!

Picture of top of grey bricked multi-storey building.
Oviatt Building.
Picture sourced from Photographer: Annie Laskey.

The James Oviatt Building featured as the exterior and interior lobby shots of Hotel Cortez. This building, now a restaurant and nightclub, is supposedly haunted by Oviatt with many claiming that they can occasionally smell his cigar smoke. Creepy…

Season Six: Roanoke

Picture of sign saying Fort Raleigh National Historic Site.
Fort Raleigh National Historic Site.
Picture sourced from Photographer: Ken Lund.

Fort Raleigh National Historic Site preserves the location of the Roanoke colony featured in AHS’s season six. The majority of season six filming took place in an ‘undisclosed forest in Santa Clarita’ and an entire house was constructed for the show.

Despite the scenes from season six not being featured here, Raleigh, located in Dare County, North Carolina is an important historic site therefore well worth the visit. Maybe you’ll solve the mystery of this famous lost colony?

Season Seven: Cult

Butchery on Main.
Picture sourced from Photographer: Paul Rodriguez, OCR/SCNG

Located in the quaint neighbourhood of Old Town Orange in Orange, California you can find Season Seven’s ‘The Butchery on Main’ owned by protagonists Ally and Ivy Mayfair-Richards.

Located only four miles southeast of Disneyland, it’s a great pit stop if you’re on the way to the ‘happiest place on earth’.

Season Eight: Apocalypse

Alana’s Coffee Roasters.
Picture sourced from

‘Apocolypse’ recycled a lot of past locations and built specific sets, however, that does not mean you can’t pay homage to AHS’s latest. Alana’s Coffee Roasters featured in the season finale, is an LA coffee house located on Venice Boulevard- order a flat white and contemplate the end of the world.

What is your favourite season of American Horror Story? Will you check out it’s filming locations?