Top 10 Travel Podcasts

Top 10 Travel Podcasts

07/11/2019 Off By Cait Martin

Podcasts have surged in popularity over the last few years. From fitness, wellbeing and mindfulness to sports, space and history, there is a podcast for everyone!

This week, tripsology are uncovering our top ten travel podcasts. Exploring everything from travel tips, budgeting, destinations and food- the travel podcast niche has plenty to offer. Let’s go!

Zero to Travel

In ‘Zero to Travel’ Jason Moore discusses his 15+ years of travel experience, exploring what travel is and why we do it. Covering a variety of topics from travelling safely, budgeting and answering listener questions, this podcast offers some interesting perspectives for your commute home.

Definitely worth a listen!

To check out Jason’s podcast, click here.

Amateur Traveller

This award-winning podcast is all about destinations. Started in 2005 and with over 600 episodes to date, this podcast explores a variety of locations from La Rochelle to Kenya there is an episode for everywhere!

To check out Chris Christensen’s podcast, click here.

Extra Pack of Peanuts

On the other hand, Extra Pack of Peanuts focuses on travel with a tight budget. Host Travis Sherry interviews travellers, bloggers and entrepreneurs, uncovering tips and tricks on how to travel for cheap.

If you want to find out all the insider tips: how to pack like a pro, the best way to use frequent flyer deals and successful budgeting then this podcast is one for you!

To listen, click here.

Women Who Travel

For your feminist fix, ‘Women Who Travel’ deep dives into what it’s like travelling as a woman. Derived from a facebook group where women shared stories, advice and questions; this podcast is hosted by the editors of Conde Nast Traveller.

As a global high-five to travelling women around the world, this fortnightly podcast is a must-listen if you’re a globe-trotting gal.

To check out ‘Women Who Travel’, click here.

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Amanda Kendle’s ‘The Thoughtful Podcast’ shares friendly travel stories. She interviews fellow travel junkies on a variety of topics from navigating different cultures, meeting locals and what we can learn from travelling.

Kendle’s podcast certainly offers some food for thought on your commute!

To check out ‘The Thoughtful Travel Podcast’, click here.

The Offbeat Life

Adopting a slightly different stance, ‘The Offbeat Life’ interviews and follows individuals who have ditched the status quo and become location independent.

The podcast discusses experiences, finding purpose through travel, defining moments that lead to this life change as well as earning an income whilst travelling.

To check out ‘The Offbeat Life’, click here.

Indie Travel Podcast

Similarly, the ‘Indie Travel Podcast’ also explores full-time travel. As a staple for anyone who wants to learn how to travel full time (and debt-free) this podcast explores all themes within that lifestyle.

Hosted by Linda and Craig Martin who have been travelling since 2006 thus have a wide array of tips and tricks to uncover!

To check it out, click here!

Taste Trekker’s Find Dining Podcast

Offering a different perspective, Seth Resler’s podcast is a must-listen for all foodies…

Seth chats with food bloggers and culinary experts from cities around the globe discussing their local dining scene and the best places to eat out.

Whatever mouth-watering treats you’re after, the ‘Taste Trekker’s Find Dining Podcast’ provides the 101 on national dishes and where the best places to eat are. Marketed as ‘for foodies who love travel and travellers who love food’, it’s well worth a listen if you fall into either of those categories.

To listen, click here.


Formally known as ‘The Budget Minded Traveller’, Jackie Nourse offers listeners destination inspiration and tips and tricks to get bucket-list goals started without breaking the bank.

From focusing on travel tips to uncovering hidden gems, there is something for everyone!

Click here to listen.

The Skift Podcast

The Skift Podcast uncovers the latest industry gossip and news. From travel trends to solutions for over-tourism, the editors from travel media company Skift explore all things travel.

Speaking to creatives, executives and entrepreneurs they offer an array of perspectives on this industry.

To listen, click here.

Are you a fan of podcasts? What are some of your favourites?