Tripsology’s Top Ten Travel Blogs

Tripsology’s Top Ten Travel Blogs

13/09/2019 Off By Cait Martin

Looking to go on an adventure? You could throw caution to the wind and hit the road (or skies) without a game plan, but it is best to consult the travel experts before venturing off. Checking out travel blogs not only inspires wanderlust but is also a great way to gain top tips and picks for your holiday destination!

Without further ado, here are tripsology’s top ten travel blogs you should be following:

1. @lilistravelplans

Screenshot image of Lili's Travel Plans blog home page. There is a safari scene under a variety of headings that categorise the blog.
Lili’s Travel Plans explores the personal aspects of travel and cultural immersion.

Lili, a Belgian blogger, is our first traveller. She approaches travel with a slower, more meaningful outlook rather than a ‘ticking off’, bucket list approach.  

Travelling fulltime since 2017, Lili explores the stories behind destinations and the people that define them.

A screenshot of Lili's Travel Plans blog posts. The layout adopts a scrapbook style with bright photographs above the blog post titles.
Presented in a scrapbook style, guides and itineraries of different destinations are featured.

Lili’s blog also features guides and itineraries of travelled destinations sharing her stories and top tips. As well as running this successful blog, Lili also runs Mawenzi Adventures, a Tanzania tour business that focuses on responsible tourism ran by local people.

To visit Lili’s blog click here.

To visit Mawenzi Adventures click here.

2. @blondeabroad

Screenshot of The Blonde Abroad blog home page. It shows a map with different pinned locations linking to blog posts.
With a virtual world map, readers are able to easily explore travelled destinations.

Kiersten is a Californian who quit her career in finance to travel the world! She is a member of the ‘GoPro family’ and has been featured on a variety of online spaces such as the Huffington Post, Forbes and Matador Network.

A screenshot of The Blonde Abroad 'Middle East Travel Guide' page. There is a big image of Kiersten (blonde hair and wearing a hat) looking over a dessert scene.
Each continent has a personalised travel guide to inform travel choices.

The Blonde Abroad heavily features destination travel guides, which Kiersten constantly updates as she travels. These sections feature her top tips, personal anecdotes and advice.

As well as presenting her personal experiences, The Blonde Abroad also runs all-female travel tours, TBA Escapes. The tours feature destinations such as Jordan, South Africa and The Galapagos Islands with the mission of encouraging and empowering women to travel. The tours also feature photography tips and tricks.

To visit The Blonde Abroad click here.

To visit the all-female tour company TBA Escapes click here.

3. @youngadventuress

A screenshot of The Young Adventuress blog's main page. It shows Liz with her back to the camera looking over a loch.
Liz presents her travel adventures with a youthful voice, it’s the travel blog all Millenials should read.

Liz of ‘Young Adventuress’ is also a solo female traveller. In this little corner of the internet, she shares her travel experiences and recommendations. mainly advising readers on making the ‘big move’ overseas, drawing on her experience of moving to New Zealand.

A screenshot of the Young Adventuress's blog posts page. There are square pictures that link to the different blog posts.
The Young Adventuress shares her personal travel stories and experiences.

The Young Adventuress also features tips and tricks on both blogging and photography.

To visit Young Adventuress’ page click here.

4. @stuckincustoms

A screenshot of Stuck in Customs main page. The page has a picture of Trey Ratcliff and a variety of different headings.
Trey Ratcliff is the first HDR photographer to have his work featured in the Smithsonian.

If you’re after upping your insta game then StuckInCustoms is the blog to follow. As the #1 Travel Photography Blog in the world, Trey Ratcliff’s art will certainly inspire you to see more of our beautiful planet.

StuckInCustoms, ran by photographer Trey Ratcliff, shares a photo a day accompanied by stories and photography tips. Coined as a ‘pioneer’ in High Dynamic Range photography (Chris Anderson), Ratcliff is the first HDR photographer to have his work featured in the Smithsonian Museum and his work has been viewed over 140 billion times on Google!

To check out Trey’s awesome shots click here.

5. @wanderingearl

A screenshot of Wandering Earl homepage. It shows Derek Earl sat on a chair looking over a dessert with a short bio typed on top of the photograph.
With 20 years of travel experience, Wandering Earl offers an experienced insight into a variety of destinations across the globe.

Wandering Earl follows the travels of Derek Earl who has been a full-time traveller for the last 20 years. This blog not only features personal experiences and destination tips but has an emphasis on funding travel.

The mantra of his blog is that everyone should be able to enjoy and partake in long-term travel.

“Long term travel does not have to be a crazy fantasy. It can, and should be, a realistic life option instead.”

– Wandering Earl, About Me
A screenshot of Wandering Earl's blog post page.
Wandering Earl offers a variety of resources for all those with the travel bug!

Derek Earl also offers small unique tours which adopt a laid back, relaxed style with a flexible itinerary.

To visit Wandering Earl click here.

To visit Wandering Earl Tours click here.

6. @neverendingfootsteps

A screenshot of the home page of Never Ending Footsteps blog.
Dubbed as the clumsiest traveller, Lauren documents her experiences- and many mishaps- as she explores the world.

Lauren, of ‘Never Ending Footsteps’ who has been travelling for 8 years also explores how to fund long-term travel, promoting it as an option for aspiring travellers. Sharing her many adventures and frequent mishaps, Lauren recounts what it is like to travel the world ‘one step at a time’.

As well as sharing her experiences, Lauren also runs a Travel Anxiety Course, encouraging and helping people to conquer their travel anxiety.

To visit Lauren’s blog ‘Never Ending Footsteps’ click here.

To find out more information about managing travel anxiety click here.

7. @roadsandkingdoms

A screenshot of the Roads and Kingdoms blog's homepage.
Roads and Kingdoms explore the cultural and political aspects of different locations.

Roads and Kingdoms, the 2018 Primetime Emmy and James Beard Award winner, is a collaborative blog that explores culture and politics through food and travel.

Featuring articles by writers from around the world with a focus on local voices, Roads and Kingdoms is a platform worth visiting to get the 411 on your travel destinations.

To visit Roads and Kingdoms click here.

8. @oneikathetraveller

A screenshot of Oneika the Traveller's blog. This page is her 'Travelling while Black' category with a variety of different photographs that link to blog posts within this category.
Oneika explores the realities of solo travelling as a woman of colour.

Oneika is another female, solo traveller. She shares personal experiences and anecdotes as well as discusses travelling as a woman of colour. A large proportion of her blog focuses on inspiring, encouraging and empowering women and people of colour to see the world! Her blog is definitely worth checking out!

To visit Oneika the Traveller click here.

9. @timetravelturtle

A screenshot of the Time Travel Turtle home page. The page shows Michael Turtle wearing a furry hat with a infographic "see the world with me... and go beyond the brochure".
The Time Travel Turtle explores travel beyond the tourist hotspots.

Australian Michael Turtle gave up his career in Media to visit every UNESCO site which he documents on his blog. He aims to ‘go beyond the brochure’, shying from queues and uncovering hidden gems away from the busy tourist traps.

Michael discusses the importance of cultural immersion and recounts stories of the people he has met during his travels.

“The most enjoyable and rewarding experiences I have had on my travels have not involved queues. They have been when I broke away from the crowds and spent time with a local, tried new food, and learned about a different culture. That is the true heart of travelling.”

Michael Turtle, Time Travel Turtle

To check out Time Travel Turtle click here.

10. @globalgrasshopper

A screenshot of the Global Grasshopper's home page.
Global Grasshopper is a collaborative blog aiming to uncover the ‘road less travelled’.

Global Grasshopper is an award-winning blog offering resources for independent travellers. It aims to ‘unravel secrets of the world’s most unique, under-the-radar and beautiful’ through guides, personal experiences and photography.

To check out the Global Grasshopper click here.

Happy travelling!!