Top Wellness Breaks for 2020

Top Wellness Breaks for 2020

09/01/2020 Off By Deborah Welsh

Is this the year you bring balance and harmony into your life?  Why not kick start the new decade with one of these health and well-being breaks?

You could come back feeling like a new person.

Every January, many of us pledge to start taking better care of ourselves. Usually, that means laying off the booze, cutting out chocolate and taking more exercise. Granted, these are all great ways of resetting our bodies after the festive season excess but there are other things that could probably use a bit of TLC too, such as our minds and how we can relax more despite our busy lives. Taking a couple of days away from it all is always good for getting your mojo back but did you know there are specialist holidays you can go on that can soothe body, mind and spirit? I believe travel itself is good for the soul but if you throw in some healing and pampering as well, it’s win-win.

spa pebbles

Look at some of these amazing wellness and therapy breaks…

Wellbeing Escapes has some amazing health and detox holidays in some super cool destinations too, like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Italy and many more. Three hot picks have caught my eye and are firmly on my radar for my next wellness getaway. First up is Alpino Atlantico, Madeira. This gorgeous adults-only hotel in Madeira is an absolute hive of health and well-being activities, specialising in the powerful healing properties of the ancient system of Ayurveda. Within the hotel’s Ayurveda Care Centre, guests can have a range of treatments which aim to balance your body and mind. The hotel also hosts Ayurveda and lifestyle classes, yoga, tai-Chi and meditation sessions.

I don’t think I’d ever want to leave!

Alpino Atlantics Yoga

Oceano Hotel & Health Spa, Tenerife

Nestled in a pretty, remote setting overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Oceano Hotel & Health spa is a wonderful place to simply switch off and recharge the batteries but there’s an impressive programme of wellness treatments such as osteopathy, massage and Shiatsu, all aimed at improving your overall wellbeing and fitness.

Oceano Garden Tenerife

For guests that have chosen to do a proper detox session, there’s a separate dining room so that you can avoid plate envy for the other residents who are tucking into the less healthy options!

Oceano Spa Tenerife

And a little closer to home, Grayshott Health Spa in Surrey looks the business. I reckon you’d come out of this place like a new person. Roughly an hour on the train from London, this historic country house is in a beautiful, tranquil location and has a comprehensive menu of beauty and lifestyle therapies available.

Grayshott Spa External

Being known for its holistic approach, each treatment is designed to rebalance the body, alleviate the effects of stress and reduce general aches and pains. Sounds like just what I need right now.

Grayshot Spa Treatment room

Healing Holidays also have a cracking choice of wellness trips you can go on to sort yourself out. They have a whole section dedicated to ‘fixing your issues’. Menopause, sleep enhancement, chronic pain and smoking cessation are some of the issues you can tackle on one of these breaks. You can either opt for a full MOT with a medical expert or if you prefer a more holistic approach to your healing experience, you can do that too, but either way, your programme can be tailored for your own personal needs and goals.

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SHA Rebalance Programme at SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain sounds ideal and a good start if it’s your first foray into this type of holiday. You don’t need to have a specific goal or ailment for this, it’s just a perfect place to go if you simply want to disconnect from the world and the stress of everyday life. Here, you can improve your lifestyle habits as well as enjoying a variety of treatments and consultation with the resident experts.

SHA wellness clinic

So, have I saved the best for last?

Preidlhof, Italy

If you’re really serious about a wellness break, you must visit Preidlhof in Italy. It sounds like an absolute powerhouse of rest, relaxation, well-being and luxury. You’ll find this place in the beautiful Merano region and this is one of Italy’s most luxurious wellness retreats. The Preidl Medi Spa team are committed to preventative health and health promotion. There’s also a vast choice of beauty treatments, massage and bath experiences. However, one of the programmes that grabbed my attention is the ‘Three Pillars of Health’ – A Path to Better Sleep, Movement and Nutrition. This five day holiday is designed to help you establish a new lifestyle, changing the fundamentals – how we sleep, our approach to food and how much we need to move our bodies.

Preidlhof spa

You are bound to leave this place restored and rejuvenated, ready to bring your A-game to the new decade. I really want to go here. It sounds exactly the sort of place I need to visit right now – and bonus – it’s in my beloved Italia and there are mountains. You all know how much I love my alps.

 You can book your trip here

Preidlhof pool

Whether you choose a weekend in a medical spa facility or stay a bit longer at an Ayurvedic spa resort for a week or two, you’re bound to get your body and your mind back into a good place.

So, if you’re feeling a little off-colour and out of sorts, just be kind to yourself – book yourself a wellness break and you’ll soon be in the pink again. Your credit card might not thank you but your body will. After all, your health is your wealth, as they say.