Top 10 Orlando Attractions

Top 10 Orlando Attractions

28/04/2017 Off By Michelle Dickson

Let’s talk Orlando: The top 10 must do attractions. 


Orlando,Florida is a theme park metropolis where kids (and grown ups!) of all ages dream of visiting. Embrace your inner child and simply immerse yourself in the magic. You might even get to meet the famous Mickey Mouse!

Orlando is packed with fun filled activities and amazing attractions, not only for children but adults, couples and even solo travellers alike. It is a destination that caters for all!

I’ve compiled a list of the top ten attractions not be missed on a trip to Orlando.

1. Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World - Orlando, Florida

First on our list and without doubt everyone’s favourite. The place where dreams are made of and if, you wish upon a star, well then they might just come true!

With an abundance of activities and attractions, Walt Disney World can take up your entire holiday so make sure to plan out each day and the most important tip: we could give you is to get to your rides early as the queues can get pretty long.

2. Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Resort - Orlando, Florida

Steven Spielberg described this theme park best when he said “Universal puts people inside incredible and timeless stories and gives them a chance to discover their own inner hero”.

Universal Orlando resort comprises of two theme parks; Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Universal Studios Florida transports you into your favourite movies and allows you to become a part of them by stepping into the story and experiencing the magic. Why not mingle with Minions. Battle alongside the Transformers or maybe you could help E.T save his dying planet.

If being a hero is more up your street then Universal’s Islands of Adventure is guaranteed to get your adrenaline flowing. Packed full of fun and magical thrills, the rides here will bring you on a journey through much-loved stories with your favourite characters. Rest assured there are plenty of rides at Universal’s Islands of Adventure that are guaranteed to get you screaming.

hogwarts express, universal resort, florida

A trip to Orlando Universal Resort would not be complete without a visit to Hogsmeade! Yes, that’s right. I mean Harry Potter World. Enter the magic of witches and wizards and start conjuring up some of your own spells and potions. You won’t regret it! This is one attraction that will definitely leave you spellbound.

3. SeaWorld

Dolphins @ SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld is a theme park unlike any other in Orlando. A marine-life zoological park it is one of the largest marine parks in the world. How could it fail to impress with its colossal aquariums, touch pools, an extensive list of rides and not to mention the mesmerising dolphin and whale shows.

Orlando - Aquatica - Dolphin Plunge - Orlando


SeaWorld’s water park is definitely worth a visit. Surf the waves, battle the rapids and become totally fearsome on a water free-fall. Aquatica is jam-packed with thrills for the all family.

4. Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove - Orlando

Discovery Cove is a unique experience that you will cherish and remember forever. Situated next door to the main SeaWorld Orlando theme park; at Discovery Cove you can swim with bottlenose dolphins, go snorkelling along a reef, stand on the ocean floor and even feed some of the amazing animals; all in one day!

5. Gatorland

Gatorland - Orlando

The animal kingdom with a bite! If you are just looking for something a bit different and a little unique then a trip to Gatorlandmust be put on your list. Known as the “Alligator capitol of the world®” Gatorland is not for the faint hearted. Visit the array of alligators, crocodiles and the extremely rare leucistic “white” alligators. If the killer reptiles aren’t for you take a trip on over to the free-flight aviary, petting zoo or one of the many spectacular animal shows; and if that is not enough to get you excited, take a ride on the famous Screamin’ Gator Zip.

6. Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park - Orlando, Florida

The Everglades National Park is a remarkable breath-taking piece of tropical wilderness that is a notable international site. Popular with bird watchers and fishing enthusiasts due to the abundance of species that live here but for those of you who are not avid enthusiasts then maybe some of the other activities that are available would be more up your street.  Canoeing and kayaking, air boating, hiking or one of the many tours offered, no matter what you decide to do you will leave the Everglades in awe.

7. Kennedy Space Centre

kennedy space center - orlando

Explore the science, technology, history and adventure of astrological space exploration. A visit to the Kennedy Space Centre is an enthralling and captivating experience that you won’t want to miss. Meet the American heroes in the U.S Astronaut Hall of Fame, roam the Rocket Garden and let your imagination run away with you. Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight for “Lift Off “on aShuttle Launch Experience and even journey to Mars!

There are numerous rocket launches held throughout the year, so make sure to check the launch schedule before you go as this is not something that you want to pass up if there is one scheduled during your visit to Orlando.

8. Orlando Eye

Orlando Eye

Have you been on the London Eye? “Why do you ask?” says you, well, Orlando has launched their very own Orlando Eye! Although slightly smaller than its British counterpart, it stands at 400 feet tall and comprises of 30 capsules but none the less it is an incredible way to view Orlando.

9. Orlando Science Centre

A truly fantastic trip for families is the Orlando Science Centre. This is a trip that will stimulate inquisitiveness and investigation into the wonderful world of science, technology and history through educational activity, knowledge and fun! There are a variety of activities available; from live science shows, exhibition halls and digital adventure theatres so make sure to plan for a full day of discovering!

There are also a host of touring exhibits accessible throughout the year.

10. Lake Eola

Lake Eola Park - Orlando, Florida

Now that you are all adventured out; let’s sit back and relax! What better way to achieve this than with a visit to Lake Eola Park. Situated in Downtown Orlando Lake Eola is an oasis of tranquillity in which to escape the whirlwind that is Orlando. Rent one of the famous swan-shaped boats, watch the choreographed show from the fountain in the centre of the lake or just take a peaceful stroll along the banks. If you visit over the weekend, you will just be in time for the weekly farmers market that takes place.

If there is one tip: that I can give you to make your experience of Orlando memorable; it would be to make sure that you plan your trip in advance. Making sure that you get all the attractions, theme parks and activities that you want to do into your trip as there is so much to see and do that you won’t want to miss anything out!