Dining at Disney

Dining at Disney

09/05/2016 Off By tripsology

Confused with all the dining options available at Walt Disney World? We’ve got a quick checklist to help you make reservations like a pro via the My Disney Experience app. Read on …

1. When looking at the dining options at Walt Disney World, the sheer number of restaurants on offer in itself can be daunting! Our number one tip would be to utilize the filters within the app to help you choose. So, for example, if you are planning on going to Epcot on a particular day, you would click the ‘All Parks & Resorts’ option, select ‘Epcot’ and you will see the filtered results for this park. Simply enter the date, time and party size to see what dining options are available to book. #thtip: We feel this is a great tool to actually see what dining options are available in each park too for newbies, and, if you don’t yet have a ‘plan’ of what parks to do when, securing a favoured dining reservation is a good starting point in figuring out where you want to be and when.

2. To book a restaurant, you will need to enter a credit / debit card to secure the reservation, so have this handy! Don’t worry, your card will not be charged for this unless stated for a select few dining options, like Cinderella’s Royal Table or Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, which must be paid for in advance.

3. Another ‘must’ is to enter a telephone number to secure the reservation. From the UK, enter +44 before your telephone number (and drop the first 0 from either your mobile number or your area dialing code).

4. Don’t worry about making dining reservations! You can cancel any reservations 24 hours in advance (or they charge you $10). #thtip: Try and re-check your schedule in the app to avoid this happening. Disney will send you a confirmation email to confirm your reservation has been cancelled, so you can relax and know you won’t be charged.

5. Any dietary requirements or allergies can also be entered online via the app to ensure this is catered for when you arrive at your restaurant of choice!

6. Disney have listed the price of each restaurant in $ signs. For your convenience, we have listed what this means below:-

$ = Under $15 per adult

$$ = $15 – $29.99 per adult

$$$ = $39 – $59.99 per adult

$$$$ = Remortgage your house! Over $60 per adult, so plan accordingly.

Hope this has helped decipher some of the lingo and fear-factor of making dining reservations online via the My Disney Experience app. In our opinion, it is a great planning tool and can help, especially larger parties, secure tables in their restaurants of choice without enduring the wait than if they just turned up and tried to secure a table ad-hoc, so leaves more time to enjoy your day in the parks! Bon Appetite!

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