Set Sail For A Life On The Ocean Wave This Year

Set Sail For A Life On The Ocean Wave This Year

16/05/2016 Off By tripsology
Cruise Ship on a Beach

Which exotic ports of call are on the horizon for you in 2016? The CaribbeanAustralia? The Med? Let’s face it any one of them would be nice. To lie back on a sun-kissed deck of a luxury liner, waving to the dolphins as you gently sail past. Have you grown tired of spending your precious two weeks holiday on dry land? Perhaps you’re itching to see more of the world but don’t have all year (or the budget) to do it? A cruise might just be the answer.

Cruises are becoming increasingly popular these days as holidaymakers seek to pack in as many sights and cities as possible thus making their hard earned cash go further.  The far-flung corners of the globe have never been more affordable…or more accessible!

The beauty of it is that you can take in multiple destinations without having to hop on and off planes and battle with airport queues. Another bonus is that you only need to pack and unpack once! On a cruise you can simply board the ship and sail away, leaving your troubles behind. Sound good?

With so many to choose from these days, it can seem a little daunting to the first time cruiser. Cruise operators in the UK have an exciting line up for 2016 and have packed together some really cool incentives to tempt you onboard their stunning fleet.

Norwegian Fjord Cruise

Norwegian Fjord Cruise

So, where to go?

Cruise choices from the UK are plentiful. Whether you fancy the crisp, fresh view of the Norwegian Fjords, the warm waters of Africa or the far reaches of the Orient, there’s a cruise itinerary to satisfy every holidaymakers’ wanderlust…and pocket.

Port Of Southampton, United Kingdom

Port Of Southampton, United Kingdom

A starting point in choosing the right cruise for you might be departure point. If you want to hop onboard closer to home, simply check out the regional ports and see which is the most convenient for you. Nobody really wants to trek for hundreds of miles to get to the party started. If you want to start winding down and getting into holiday mode the minute you zip up the suitcase, then a local departure is probably your best bet.

If destination is key to your plans then you might have to sail from another departure point. However, with lots of UK ports available, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a convenient option.

With the superb choice of cruises on offer from the UK, you have access to so many destinations. The world really is your oyster. With stunning ports in every continent, you can really broaden your horizons and start to see places you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Booking a cruise for the first time might seem daunting and it really is worth the effort to research properly and make sure you choose one that suits your needs and plans.

Cruising can often come as a bit of a culture shock to first timers who rarely leave the hotel bar on their regular holidays. We’ve put together some handy hints and tips to ease you into life on the ocean wave.

  • Packing for a cruise might need a little more thought than simply chucking a few swimsuits in the case for say a week in Ibiza.  It pays to be mindful that it could be a few hours before you’re reunited with your luggage so spare a thought for any essential items you will need on your first day at sea. If you need any medication, please ensure you have this in your carry on bag as well as some mini toiletries to freshen up once you get onboard. Perhaps a light change of clothes too if it will fit. If you plan on making a splash in the pool the minute you set sail, be sure to keep your swimsuit, some sunscreen and spare underwear handy too.
  • Bathrooms tend to be on the compact side onboard a ship and you may find you have less space to display your bits and bobs. It’s worth taking a bathroom door caddy/organizer where you can pop everything into the pockets and hang on the back of the door to keep daily essentials within easy reach.
  • Not everyone will get seasick. Some people find their sea legs quicker than others but to be on the safe side, make sure to pack some travel sickness tablets in your hand luggage. Nobody wants to spend the start of his or her holiday hugging the toilet!
  • Be sure to consider all options for your wardrobe on a cruise. There may be formal dinners or galas that will require more than a t-shirt and shorts. Check with your ship’s dress codes before you leave and pack the appropriate garments. Men should take into account the need for long trousers and a pair of dress shoes.
  • Cruisers should also consider taking a wrap or jacket with them. You might be heading for sunnier climes but it could get chilly in the middle of the ocean and you wouldn’t want to be confined to the bar when you could be out on deck gazing at the moonlight reflected on the deep blue sea!
  • Finally, the best way to prepare for a cruise, especially if it’s your first time is to familiarise yourself with your operator’s onboard policies regarding tipping, smoking, alcohol, Wi-Fi connection etc. It is essential that you also check the rules for docking at each port on your itinerary. There may be some items you can’t take into that destination and there’s certainly likely to be things you cannot take back onboard your ship! Each cruise line has a help/FAQ section on their website so spend an hour or so reading over these before you depart. It will pay off in the long run.

People go on cruises year in year out with no unfortunate incidents but like every mode of travel, there are risks. Unlikely but they are there.  This may seem obvious, but it should be mentioned — you are on a ship. Rough seas can impact your itinerary, you must disembark and re-board the ship at specified times. The slick, onboard crew members, will explain all of this to you but it’s worth bearing in mind that there can be disruptions when any trip is dependent on weather and calm waters. But don’t let that put you off. Planes are delayed all the time and we accept this as part and parcel of travel.

Don’t forget all talkholiday members are provided with free travel crisis support, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

As well as seeing some beautiful places, a cruise also packs a punch where entertainment is concerned. There really is something for everyone. Many of these ships are like floating palaces and offer stylish bars and restaurants, sports, live music and glitzy cabaret shows.

There’s really not much else to think about apart from what cocktail to order for that sunset drink as your fun filled days turn to glamorous nights at sea.