Summer in the States

Summer in the States

16/05/2016 Off By tripsology

Want to spend summer in the USA but you’re a bit strapped for cash? tripsologists have come up with the perfect solution – work your way around with seasonal jobs in America! You could be living the dream by working in paid summer jobs that let you take off on an adventure PLUS you’ll get to see some super cool places without being skint at the end of your trip. What a fun way to travel and earn some cash!

Summer in the States

Okay, this all sounds great but where do you start? To get the ball rolling, tripsologists have recommended some cracking student work and travel experts.

First up is STA Travel (Start the Adventure) who are specialists in helping people find paid summer jobs in America – there’s admin, hospitality and summer camps on offer. STA have two programmes – Work America which is for full-time University students looking for seasonal jobs (up to four months) or there’s Summer Camp USA which is open to both students and non-students and this programme offers summer camp jobs, working with kids for up to 10 weeks.

Another useful site which tripsologists have suggested is BUNAC and with this company, you could work abroad for the summer in some of America’s top tourist destinations and on their ‘Ultimate Programme’ they can help set up flights and accommodation too.

If the idea of a working holiday appeals to you, or maybe even becoming a volunteer, tripsologists have also recommended The Global Work and Travel Co. These guys have a whole host of stuff on the go for opportunities over the summer – and not just in America, they have Australia and Canada too.

Summer Camp

Probably one of the most well-known setups for working holidays in the States is Camp America. Since 1969, young people from all over the world have been flocking to summer camps all over the USA. On this programme, you can choose from various types of camps – there’s Day Camps, Single Sex Camps, Girl Scout Camps, Special Needs and Underprivileged Camps so whatever you want to get out of the experience or whatever your skill set is, there’s bound to be a camp that’s a perfect match for your working holiday in the States.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to take a gap year from your studies, there’s also great opportunities available for longer stays in the USA and get some work experience while you see a bit of the country. There’s loads of student jobs available ranging from childcare, marine conservation, teaching English, internships and sports coaching. Maybe it would be possible to do a month or so on one of these programmes and then travel some more before your visa runs out? tripsologists suggest you use Best Gap Year for anyone pursuing gap year study, work or travel and they also said America seemed to be the most popular; as a mostly English speaking country, students said it was easier to function and communicate without any language barriers.

If you fancy working at some of America’s top holiday and leisure resorts, Smaller Earth recruit for lots of hospitality positions and their only requirement is that applicants are aged 18-30 and in full time further education.
The same company also tee up Au Pair Jobs in the USA  if this appeals to you. You’d be living with an American family and your work will be centred around childcare. You could be driving them to school, cooking dinner or helping them with homework etc and it’s a great way to spend a gap year or a summer, making new friends, learning about responsibility and above all, having fun too!

Disney World Florida

Speaking of fun…Disney’s Cultural Exchange Programme provides international students the chance to spend their break working at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. This great opportunity allows students to spend the summer enjoying the magic of Disney first hand as well as the chance to serve guests from all over the world, gaining valuable work experience and making lifelong friends. You can work across a range of departments, including operations, merchandise, quick service food and beverage, and entertainment, gaining experience with one of the world’s finest entertainment companies. Just think you could even get to be a Disney Prince or Princess – now that’s a dream job if there was one.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning a summer to remember before you have to get back to the books…or worse, get a proper job once you graduate!

tripsologists love hearing about other people’s experiences and travel plans so make sure you come back and tell us all about your trip and remember to take lots of pics – there’s bound to be loads of instagram moments you can share with us too!