Ten Of The Best Things To Do In Florida

Ten Of The Best Things To Do In Florida

13/05/2016 Off By tripsology

Florida is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, welcoming millions of people from around the world. Now, whether you have plenty of money or are vacationing on a shoestring, have brought the family or travelled alone; you can always find something to do in Florida in the summer.

There’s a lot more to Florida than the Orlando theme parks so try scheduling some down time to experience this state. Below we have listed 10 best things that you can do while you are vacationing and we suggest you lather up the sun lotion and visit them all!

1. The Everglades

Everyone who has heard of the Everglades will know that they are known as the ‘The River of Grass’ simply because they house more than 700 plants and more than 300 species of bird. You can take a trip around the Everglades in an airboat.

2. Beaches

Florida Beach

Beaches are free, so why not spend a day lounging in the sun and enjoying the best weather that Florida has to offer.

3. Wine Tasting and Touring

Wine Tasting

Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards are one of the locally run businesses that offer free wine tasting and tours because 10 and 5 on Monday to Saturday and 11 – 5 on Sunday. You can turn up and join a tour every 20 minutes so and make the most of the free Vino Verdi.

4. Daytona Park

Right on Daytona Beach, the Volusia County Sun Splash Park is available for fun and games in the water.


Of course a trip to Florida wouldn’t be complete without visiting the NASA headquarters, so head over there for a look into Space history and the future.

6. Florida Keys

Florida Keys

Under the pseudonym of America’s Caribbean, the Florida Keys consist of the small islands that make up a chain. Stretching for about 106 miles from the mainland, the main island is Key Largo and the rest tag on from there. Take a day or two to enjoy it!

7. Miami Zoo and The Seaquarium

Miami Zoo

A day at the zoo is refreshing and relaxing and you can see the hundreds of animals that make the zoo their home. If you are going to be in Miami to visit the zoo, take a trip along the way and visit the Seaquarium while you are in town. With dolphins, sea lions and whales, you’ll be able to experience a whole host of marine animals.

8. Miami Children’s Museum

If you brought the kids to Florida you must take them to the Children’s Museum, where they can learn and play and imagine all sorts. They’ll love learning at this interactive museum and everyone is sure to head home with a smile on their face.

9. Coral Castle

If you never saw Coral Castle before, don’t leave Florida without going. It was owned by Latvian eccentric Ed Leedskalnin who spent 28 years building this masterpiece.

10. Disney World

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