Walt Disney World For Teens & Tweens

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Let’s talk about Walt Disney World;
Planning a holiday with teens & tweens

Walt Disney World

Holidaying with teenagers can be tricky. With every spare second they have spent either sleeping or glued to their technological devices, it’s no wonder parents worry they will not be able to keep them happy on holiday, especially in places like Orlando where schedules have to be kept to and often involve early rises. We have a few top tips on a Disney World holiday with teens that will keep them onside and a smile on their faces!

Top Tips for Disney World Holiday with Teens:

Get them involved in the planning of your holiday:

Use their reliance on technology to your advantage and get them researching the things they would like included during your holiday. Ask them to also highlight activities your family or travelling party can all enjoy together, and perhaps look for suitable restaurants etc. via the My Disney Experience app. That way, they’re less likely to take a teenage strop when partaking in other activities that someone else wants to do, as they know where and when their wants and needs are happening during the holiday.

Let them skip the parades

Some teenagers will show little or no interest in the visually stunning floats that grace the Magic Kingdom theme parks daily. Don’t let the fact your teenagers want to give watching the parade a miss put a dampener on your day. Lines for the major attractions such as Space Mountain and Splash Mountain will be much shorter during the 3pm parade so, If some of your travelling party want to watch the parade, you could split up and arrange a meeting-up point afterwards and let your teens enjoy a bit of freedom.

Let your fashion-conscious teen pick their own rain jacket

If they want to avoid wearing the very fetching bright yellow Disney poncho that everyone runs to buy when the monsoon-like rain descends, they’ll have to be prepared beforehand! Investing in an individual rain jacket also helps you spot your family members in the crowd as, during a rain storm, everyone looks the same! #thtip: This doesn’t have to cost the earth. Discount shops like Primark regularly stock themed rain coats (for those who would like this) or just plain colours, for around £10.

Set a budget for shopping

We all know that teens in particular can spend money like no other living species. Setting their expectations by giving them a personal budget specifically to be used for shopping, before you even board the plane, will help them both look forward to the shopping experience, but ensure they know their financial limitations. You could even set your teens a challenge (if travelling with more than one) to see who can get the most bargains for their allocated buck. Sure to go down well at the end of the holiday with the teen that has won the bragging rights!

Experience the attraction rides after sunset

There is something more enthralling about riding rollercoasters in the dark! They just seem more daring than they do in the daytime for some reason and you notice detail only revealed when the sun goes down. The gems in the cave at The Seven Dwarf Mine Train in Magic Kingdom, now twinkle where they didn’t before. The Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios is a particular favourite of ours for having a different, more eerie feel when the elevator door opens to the park lit up below. Even the queue feels spookier in the dark!

Just remember, don’t stress! Travelling with kids of any age can be tricky and requires some thought and forward-planning beforehand. Remember, many a grown-up has turned into a Mickey loving, ear dawning, selfie obsessed fanatic when they enter Walt Disney World. Your teen may just surprise you and do the same!