Disney FastPass Guide

Disney FastPass Guide

13/05/2016 Off By tripsology

Welcome to the most magical place on earth…Disney! tripsology have gathered together useful information and tips from our tripsologists, including official Disney updates and person experiences from fellow Disney lovers! All to help you plan your first (or next) trip to Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney Orlando

Questions you need to ask yourself during your stay are: what is the duration of your stay? Which parks would you like to visit first? What attractions do you want to ride? How much downtime do you want?

FastPass+ Tips

Once you’ve decided what parks to do on what days, log into your My Disney Experience account and select the park and the date you want to go there and search for available FastPast+. (Note: if you’re staying in a Disney hotel then you get access to FastPass 60 days before your trip). Don’t worry about the allotted time slot given to you by Disney, once you get and secure a FastPass+ for a specific attraction, you can go back and ‘edit’ the selection and pick your time. If you can’t get a FastPass straight away or at the right time, make sure to go back and check every so often since more can be released if people change their minds.

If you’re staying in a Disney property, you’ll be issued with a Magic Band, which is your room key and tickets all in one. So, when you get to the gate of the parks, you’ll place your wrist band against the reader and this will read the data about your tickets.

How to use FastPass

When the time comes to go onto a ride which you have a FastPass+ time for, go to your ride and enter through the FastPass entrance. You’ll be asked by a Cast Member to place your Magic Band against the reader to gain entry into the FastPass queue. If you’re staying offsite, you’ll need to present your park tickets in the same way. Place the ticket against the reader as you enter the park or a FastPass queue to ensure this is valid for the time slot.

Swapping a Ticket for Magic Band

Disney Ticket

If you’d rather a Magic Band for convenience purposes then you can purchase these around the park for around $13 per person. If you want to do this, go to Guest Services located just inside the parks, to link your Disney tickets to the Magic Bands. Magic Bands are available to buy in Downtown Disney and most Disney property shops as well.

Finally, if you use your 3 FastPass+ on a particular day, you can go back into your My Disney Experience app and select a 4th one (or use the in-park kiosks to do so, however everyone from your party must be there with their Magic Band and Park Tickets). Once this one has been used, you can go back again and reserve a 5th one and so on.

Disney Castle

tripsologists are full of Disney related personal experiences, we hope this helps explain the system behind the FastPass+ process for novices or newbies! The My Disney Experience App is invaluable for planning your trip and you’ll not regret investing that bit more money in a FastPass according to the tripsology community.