Author: Peigi MacVicar

Snowsports (minus skiing)

03/01/2020 Off

If someone said “snowsports” skiing or snowboarding is probably what would come to mind, and they are great sports! But, there are so many other exhilarating and exciting snowsports out there to explore. Take some inspiration from these suggestions such as lake skating, bobsleigh or snowmobiling! Lake Skating You might have been ice-skating at an…

By Peigi MacVicar

Top 5 Arctic Cruises

20/12/2019 Off

The Arctic is an intriguing and challenging place to find yourself, and you won’t get there without stepping on a boat first. So make a holiday of it and cruise through the Arctic Ocean from Norway to Greenland to Canada. See some fjords, glaciers, icebergs and if you’re lucky maybe some wildlife! Here are the…

By Peigi MacVicar

Sapporo Snow Festival

13/12/2019 Off

Sapporo is a beautiful city on Hokkaido in Japan that also happens to be one of the very few cities in the world with snowfall as large as 68 inches in a month! As a result, we have the Sapporo Snow Festival! The festival began in the 1950s as school students built some snow statues…

By Peigi MacVicar